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"Improved Synthesis and Coordination Behavior of 1H-1,2,3-Triazole-4,5-dithiolates (tazdt2−) with NiII, PdII, PtII and CoIII"
N. Pardemann, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Chemistry 20235, 1271-1287.

"Tuning the potential of redox-active diphosphine ligands based on the alkyne complexes [Tp*W(CO)L{η2-C2(PPh2)2}]"
S. Ludwig, F. M. Hamann, K. Helmdach, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Dalton Trans.  2023, 52, 326-337.

"Boosting the Donor Effect of Side-On W(II) Alkyne Complex Based Diphosphines"
P. Thiem, S. Ludwig, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2022, e202200552.

"Synthesis and coordination behaviour of 1H-1,2,3-triazole-4,5-dithiolates"
D. Schallenberg, N. Pardemann, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Dalton Trans.  2022, 51, 13681-13691.

"Development and application of redox-active cyclometallating ligands based on W(II) alkyne complexes"
M. Hüttenschmidt, H. Lange, M. A. Argüello Cordero, A. Villinger, S. Lochbrunner, W. W. Seidel
Dalton Trans. 2022, 51, 852-856.

"Migratory insertion of isocyanide into a ketenyl–tungsten bond as key step in cyclization reactions"
C. Timmermann, P. Thiem, D. Wanitschke, M. Hüttenschmidt, J. Romischke, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Chem. Sci. 2022, 13, 123-132.


"Metal/Metal Redox Isomerism Governed by Configuration"
S. Ludwig, K. Helmdach, M. Hüttenschmidt, E. Oberem, J. Rabeah, A. Villinger, R. Ludwig, W. W. Seidel
Chem. Eur. J. 202026, 16811-16817.

"Facile Synthesis of a stable side-on Phosphinyne Complex by Redox Driven Intramolecular Cyclisation"
H. Lange, H. Schröder, E. Oberem, A. Villinger, J. Rabeah, R. Ludwig, K. Neymeyr, W. W. Seidel
Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 11492-11502.

"Pathways to Polynuclear Complexes with α-S,N-Substituted Alkynes as Bridging Ligands"
J. Rüger, C.Timmermann, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Inorg. Chem. 2019, 58, 9270-9279.

"Square Planar Coordination of Silver in a η4-Cyclobutadiene-(η5-C5H5)ReBr2 Complex Framework"
S. Kleinschmidt, A. Hinz, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem.2018,644, 1268–1273.

"1,10-Phenanthroline-dithiine iridium and ruthenium complexes: Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic dihydrogen evolution"
E. Erdmann, A. Villinger, B. König, W. W. Seidel
Photochem. Photobiol. Sci.2018, 17, 1056–1067.

"Ultrafast Energy Transfer in Dinuclear Complexes with Bridging 1,10-Phenanthroline-5,6-Dithiolate"
E. Erdmann, M. Lütgens, S. Lochbrunner, W. W. Seidel
Inorg. Chem.2018, 57, 4849–4863.

"The Influence Stepwise P-Oxidation on the Coordination and Redox Behavior of W–Bisphosalkyne Complex Ligands"
K. Helmdach, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Organometallics2017, 36, 4844–4853.

"Sterically encumbered metalla-diphosphines: unlocking alkyne rotation by PtII coordination "
K. Helmdach, S. Dörk, A. Villinger,  W. W. Seidel
Dalton Trans.2017, 46, 11140-11144. (Inside Front Cover)

"Synthesis and Activation Potential of an Open Shell Diphosphine"
K. Helmdach, S. Ludwig, A. Villinger, D. Hollmann, J. Kösters, W. W. Seidel
Chem. Commun.2017, 53, 5894–5897.

"Minimalistic Ditopic Ligands: An α-S,N-Donor-Substituted Alkyne as Effective Intermetallic Conjugation Linker"
J. Rüger, C. Timmermann, A. Villinger, A. Hinz, D. Hollmann, W. W. Seidel
Chem. - Eur. J.2016, 22, 11191–11195.

"Dual nucleophilic substitution at a W(II) η2-coordinated diiodo acetylene leading to an amidinium carbyne complex"
K. Helmdach, J. Rüger, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Chem. Commun.2016, 52, 2616–2619.

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"Spontaneous Formation of an η2-C, S-Thioketene Complex in Pursuit of Tungsten(IV)-Sulfanylalkyne Complexes"
K. Helmdach, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem.2015, 641, 2300–2305.

"Understanding the Excited State Behavior of Cyclometalated Bis(tridentate)ruthenium(II) Complexes: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study"
C. Kreitner, E. Erdmann, W. W. Seidel, K. Heinze
Inorg. Chem.2015, 54, 11088–11104.

"Spontaneous Formation of an η4-Ethylene Bis(carbene) Ligand by Alkyne Coupling at Rhenium(III)"
S. Kleinschmidt, D. Schallenberg, K. Helmdach, A. Hinz, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel
Organometallics2015, 34, 1091–1097.

"A New Class of Azadipnictiridines Generated by an Unusual Rearrangement Reaction"
A. Hinz, A. Schulz, W. W. Seidel, A. Villinger
Inorg. Chem.2014, 53, 11682–11690.

"Dinuclear Ru/Ni, Ir/Ni, and Ir/Pt Complexes with Bridging Phenanthroline-5,6-dithiolate: Synthesis, Structure, and Electrochemical and Photophysical Behavior"
D. Schallenberg, A. Neubauer, E. Erdmann, M. Tänzler, A. Villinger, S. Lochbrunner, W. W. Seidel
Inorg. Chem.2014, 53, 8859–8873.

"Acetylene Dithiolate Linking up the [Tp′W(CO)(CN)] Moiety with RuII or PdII"
W. W. Seidel, W. Dachtler, J. Semmler, M. Tänzler, M. Folk, A. Villinger
Chem. - Eur. J.2013, 19, 14702–14711.

"Examples of Different Reactions of Benzylsulfanyl-Substituted Alkynes with Selected Complexes of TiII and CoI"
K. Altenburger, J. Semmler, P. Arndt, A. Spannenberg, M. J. Meel, A. Villinger, W. W. Seidel, U. Rosenthal
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.2013, 4258–4267.

"Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of RuII Complexes with Trimethylsilylethinylamidinate Ligands"
W. W. Seidel, W. Dachtler, T. Pape
Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem.2012, 638, 116–121.

"Ethenedithione (S=C=C=S): Trapping and Isomerization in a Cobalt Complex"
W. W. Seidel, M. J. Meel, S. R. Hughes, F. Hupka, A. Villinger
Angew. Chem.2011, 123, 12825–12828;
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2011, 50, 12617–12620.

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"Facile Formation of a Rhenium Allenylcarbene Complex with an Internal Dithioalkyne"
W. W. Seidel, M. J. Meel, D. Schallenberg, T. Pape, A. Villinger, D. Michalik
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.2010, 5523–5528.

"[Cp2TiIII(NCy)2C-TiIIICp2]: Ein transienter Titanocen-Carbenkomplex?"
O. Theilmann, M. Ruhmann, A. Villinger, A. Schulz, W. W. Seidel, K. Kaleta, T. Beweries, P. Arndt, U. Rosenthal
Angew. Chem.2010, 122, 9469–9473;
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2010, 49, 9282–9285.

"Hydrogen Bonding in 2,3-Dithiolatoterephthaldiamide Complexes of Cobalt(III), Nickel(II), and Iron(III)"
F. E. Hahn, T. Eiting, W. W. Seidel, T. Pape
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.2010, 2393–2399.

"Acetylenedithiolate as directional bridging ligand in cobalt(I) alkyne platinum dithiolato bimetallic complexes"
W. W. Seidel, M. J. Meel, F. Hupka, J. J. Weigand
Dalton Trans.2010, 39, 624–631.

"Coordination chemistry of the sulfur analog of tricatechol siderophores"
B. Birkmann, W. W. Seidel, T. Pape, A. W. Ehlers, K. Lammertsma, F. Ekkehardt Hahn
Dalton Trans.2009, 7350–7352.

"Activation of White Phosphorus by Reduction in the Presence of a Zirconium Diamidodiphosphine Macrocycle: Formation of a Bridging Square-Planar cyclo-P4 Unit"
W. W. Seidel, O. T. Summerscales, B. O. Patrick, M. D. Fryzuk
Angew. Chem.2009, 121, 121–123;
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2009, 48, 115–117.

"On the Prospects of Polynuclear Complexes with Acetylenedithiolate Bridging Units"
W. W. Seidel, M. J. Meel, U. Radius, M. Schaffrath, T. Pape
Inorg. Chem.2007, 46, 9616–9629.

"Substitutionsreaktionen an Alkinkomplexen des Nb(III) und Mo(II) mit dem Liganden Bis(benzylthio)acetylen"
W. W. Seidel, M. Schaffrath, M. J. Meel, T. Hamilton, S. Castelar Ariza, T. Pape
Z. Naturforsch., B: J. Chem. Sci.2007, 62, 791–798.

"Das Koordinationsverhalten des Acetylendisulfids Bis(benzylthio)acetylen gegenüber nullwertigen Metallkomplexen des W, Co und Pt"
W. W. Seidel, M. J. Meel, T. Lügger
Z. Naturforsch., B: J. Chem. Sci.2007, 62, 669–674.

"In Pursuit of an Acetylenedithiolate Synthesis"
W. W. Seidel, M. J. Meel, M. Schaffrath, T. Pape
Eur. J. Org. Chem.2007, 3526–3532.

"Electronic Control of the Rotational Barrier in η2-Alkyne-1-thio Complexes"
W. W. Seidel, B. L. Sánchez, M. J. Meel, A. Hepp, T. Pape
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.2007, 936–943.

"Acetylenedithiolate: alkyne complex formation renders it a dithiolate chelate ligand"
W. W. Seidel, M. Schaffrath, T. Pape
Chem. Commun.2006, 3999–4000.

"Molybdenum and Tungsten η2-Alkyne-1-thio Complexes Acting as Sulfur Donors in Homoleptic Werner Type Complexes with Nickel(II) and Palladium(II)"
W. W. Seidel, M. D. Ibarra Arias, M. Schaffrath, M. C. Jahnke, A. Hepp, T. Pape
Inorg. Chem.2006, 45, 4791–4800.

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"Can Acetylenedithiolate Act as a Tetradentate Bridging Ligand?"
W. W. Seidel, M. Schaffrath, T. Pape
Angew. Chem. 2005, 117, 7976–7979;
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2005, 44, 7798–7800.

"Chances and Limits of the Coordination Chemistry with Bis(benzene-l,2-dithiolato) ligands"
W. W. Seidel, F. E. Hahn
Bioinorg. Chem. Appl.2005, 3, 69–80.

"Catechol Oxidation with Dinuclear Copper Complexes of Aliphatic Tripodal Amino Alcohols"
C. Jocher, T. Pape, W. W. Seidel, P. Gamez, J. Reedijk, F. E. Hahn
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.2005, 4914–4923.

"A neutral tungsten-η2-alkyne-1-thio ligand forming a homoleptic Werner type complex with Cu(I)"
W. W. Seidel, M. D. Ibarra Arias, M. Schaffrath, K. Bergander
Dalton Trans.2004, 2053–2054.

"Dinuclear Complexes with Bis(benzenedithiolate) Ligands"
H. V. Huynh, C. Schulze-Isfort, W. W. Seidel, T. Lügger, R. Fröhlich, O. Kataeva, F. E. Hahn
Chem. - Eur. J.2002, 8, 1327–1335.

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"Theoretical Predictions and Single-Crystal Neutron Diffraction and Inelastic Neutron Scattering Studies on the Reaction of Dihydrogen with the Dinuclear Dinitrogen Complex of Zirconium [P2N2]Zr(μ-η2-N2)Zr[P2N2], P2N2 = PhP(CH2SiMe2NSiMe2CH2)2PPh"
H. Basch, D. G. Musaev, K. Morokuma, M. D. Fryzuk, J. B. Love, W. W. Seidel, A. Albinati, T. F. Koetzle, W. T. Klooster, S. A. Mason, J. Eckert.
J. Am. Chem. Soc.
1999, 121, 523–528.

"Chelate complexes of cobalt(III) with bis(dithiolate) ligands: Backbone influence on the electronic properties and the reactivity of the metal center"
W. W. Seidel, F. Ekkehardt Hahn
J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans.1999, 2237–2242.

"Coordination Chemistry of N-Alkylbenzamide-2,3-dithiolates as an Approach to Poly(dithiolate) Ligands:  1,4-Bis[(2,3-dimercaptobenzamido)methyl]benzene and Its Chelate Complex with the (C5H5)Ti Fragment"
W. W. Seidel, F. E. Hahn, T. Lügger
Inorg. Chem.1998, 37, 6587–6596.

"Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of ortho-Functionalized Dimercaptobenzene: Building Blocks for Tripodal Hexathiol Ligands"
F. E. Hahn, W. W. Seidel
Angew. Chem.
1995, 107, 2938–2941;
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.1996, 34, 2700–2703.

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